Today’s guest post by Lee Sarrasin was originally published on on March 1, 2016.


Much has been said about it and probably even more assumed. We revere those who have it and feel sorry or hurt by those who don’t when they dance in and out of our worlds. Integrity is like a foundation that you can build on. In a more playful state we might decide one thing and then insoucciantly move on, but those that hold on stalwartly to their word, their ideals, their dreams, we see as a cut above.

But there’s another kind of integrity that doesn’t demand or imply pig-headedness or never admitting you’re wrong–connotations that blemish a perfectly good word. It’s the “integrity” of being aware of what you’ve decided. Conditions change–in fact the one thing you’ve probably recognized is that today’s world isn’t the same as the one you looked at with the hopeful eyes of yesterday, and change itself, is really the only constant in life. So gritting your teeth and never changing your mind about things is tantamount to self imprisonment.

I had a fairly successful business some years ago. Now it doesn’t pay the bills. Even if I continue to do things in the way that made me successful then, I’d still be on the losing side of the ledger. So you can’t always measure a person’s integrity by a superficial yardstick like constancy even if it makes your world simpler. It’s convenient to know that Joe always parts his hair (what’s left of it) on the left, you don’t even have to look. But what’s so wrong with looking and seeing what’s there now?

It’s a brand new world… every moment. And your integrity is seeing it for what it is. For only then can you decide where you’re going to take it. And that’s the most useful kind of integrity I know.

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