Meaningful Work

Today, back to work after the long weekend, I am thankful for the opportunity, the will, and the ability to perform meaningful work every day.

It’s great if you love your job, as I do – that love will carry you through a challenging day, week, or year.   It’s particularly heartwarming to be able to trace the cause (your labor) to the effect (an essential service, a positive difference in lives around you).

Still, no matter what job I’ve had – and some of the work I’ve done has been, er, unusual – every single one has improved lives in some way.  I’ve made a difference; and, here in this country, we all do.  We just can’t help it.

What we do to make a living matters to more people than you and me and our families.  Even if we’re just working for the weekend, we’re still making a difference.

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