No Place Like Home

Our home, while not humble, isn’t fancy either.  It’s a two-bedroom upstairs unit in our four-unit building.  

On a wet, blustery day like today, it’s heaven on earth as I hear the rain buffeting the windows, occasional gusts of cold wind, and the sounds of car tires on the wet street.

A few minutes ago, I put on my rain boots and my hooded raincoat, grabbed the dog leashes, and opened the door.  Red the Beagle took one look out at the cold wet everything and retreated back into the house.  I couldn’t agree more, and told her no worries.

No matter what the weather brings, we are warm and dry, and we have this place for retreat and the comfort of family.  I am grateful; I try not to forget that we are fortunate while many are less so.

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