Now that Extraordinary is the New Ordinary…

‘Your time is limited. Don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” — Steve Jobs


It’s been a year.  Today, a year is just 1/55th of my life, which probably explains why living it felt like a minute.  Remember when you were five, and one year felt like 20?  Because, relative to your time on this earth, it was.

Today, for better or worse,  I’ve started a new chain.  Every day, I’ll publish at least a hundred words and an image.   If the words are crap, or the image is too raw, I’ll keep them to myself.  If the words or image might help someone think or act in a better way, I’ll publish them for all.  The  goal is to add a small link to the chain of written thoughts – every day – and never break the chain.

In the past year, a few life lessons knocked at my door, stood on the stoop, and waited.  Some, I answered; when others came calling,  I hid in the dark and pretended no one was home.

I gained a few pounds eating too many treats and feelings; my soul got heavy eating too many commitments.  I became sluggish, slow, and sad.

So I stopped eating my feelings and lost pounds.  I stopped stealing obligations from others’ plates, and lost tons.  I reprioritized and reorganized: health and family had to come first, to nourish and strengthen me for the good of everyone who counts on me today, and the larger world in which I can make a difference tomorrow.

My next few years now look very different but that is good.

Life is too fleeting  to live it for another’s joy or benefit.

Life is more than accomplishments or ambitions.  A life well lived is the difference you make this moment, then the next one, and the next one and the next.

Change is in the wind.  Becoming Extraordinary was important to me three years ago when this blog was born,  when the word extraordinary was itself extraordinary – before we had Extraordinary, the movie and before we formed Offices of Extraordinary Innovation. I still aspire to greatness and relevance; I dream of becoming … who? what?

One of these days I expect to have a head-on collision with my next purpose – the life I’m meant to live, the difference I’m meant to make.  As soon as I figure out what that is, you’ll be the first to know.

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