365 Days of Gratitude – Day 2

Today and every day I’m grateful to have someone by my side in life to share everything else — good and troublesome.  For more than 17 years, he’s been there for me for the joys and sorrows, ahh and aha moments.  He’s funny, creative, handsome, warm-hearted, and generous, and I love him to pieces!


365 Days of Gratitude

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the USA – an appropriate day to start a daily expression of gratitude for one of the many blessings in my life.
Today I am grateful to be a citizen of this tremendous country that welcomes all and offers me the freedom and ability to express myself in any way my heart desires.


A Grain of Infinity

A place of my own to be shared with anyone who wants to be part of it.

I believe we are, each one of us, an infinitely small part of an infinitely large universe.

At the same time, we each have an infinite capacity for love, for creativity, for sharing, and for growth that reaches even the very smallest life form.

So here is where the ideas, the songs, the pictures, the creations, the realizations can all flow in the torrent of love and respect I have for all creatures, great and small, starting with the ones I call my family.