Tiny Expectations (or Small Shoes to Fill)

I’ve had the opportunity recently to work with someone whose predecessor had been, shall we say, not giving the job his best effort in some time.  I recognize the challenge.   The newcomer lacks the benefit of learning his craft from someone who has mastered it and probably has no infrastructure – no files, no history, no network.  But also, anything the replacement does is going to be a huge improvement.  It’s not that different from creating a brand new position except that the opportunity to shine is even bigger if you take it.  Those tiny footsteps are easily erased by even just normal-size feet.  Just think of the trail you can blaze with those giant shoes.



Circle Back


Also known as “close the loop” or simply “respond.”  Don’t be that person — the one who never responds or responds so late you needn’t have bothered.  Organize your day so that acknowledging communications is a priority.  It only takes a moment to digest the communication and either deal with it on the spot or make a decision when you can, communicate that decision, flag it for yourself so you don’t forget, then don’t forget and get it done when you said you would, or sooner if you can.  Then check it off your list and move on.  People dealing with you will feel heard and respected; meanwhile, you’re not wasting brain cells wondering if you ever responded because you did.

close the loop

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