Take your Time

Around the next bend, over the next hill, on the other side of that ridge, or in the bottom of the valley, nature changes a landscape, but not very fast.

It’ll be centuries or millennia before any significant difference is visible, and that’s okay.  It’s fine right now and it’ll be different in its own time.

I say this as someone for whom getting tasks done on time is gospel if not the whole religion.

It’s true that many tasks have to be done right now or they have to be done very soon.  That’s true when later outcomes depend on earlier events and when they’re outcomes that you own.

But other times, even if it’s yours, the run is not  meant to be a sprint; the end game is not the goal.

Or it’s someone else’s path and someone else’s pace.

Change can be glacial, incremental, optional, or undesired. You can’t know and should not judge what lies further down their road.

Take your time. Try not to take theirs.

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