The Right to Not

At a time when constitutional freedoms are under siege, and we look for the highest ground possible to defend them, when “I have a right to…” or “I’m entitled to…” dominates the public conversation, it’s good to remember our right to – not.

Today or any day gives us many chances at choices.  One of those choices is to not engage – in the conversation, the politics, the fight.

I believe it takes as much or more courage to stand down than to wage war that can’t be won by fighting.

We don’t have to have an opinion; or, if we do, we have the right to not voice it.  Or post it. Or tweet it. Or text it.  Or anything it.

Unless criticism comes from a place of love, or acceptance, or friendship, we have the right to not accept.  To not change. To not adapt.  To not assimilate.

When our beliefs are challenged by those whose minds won’t be changed, we have the right to not be provoked. To not lash out. To not challenge their beliefs. To not try to change another.

We have the right to stay true to our uniqueness.  To not fit in.

We have the right to refrain.  To not indulge. To not take. To not partake.

Our irrefutable rights – to be, to do, to dream, to have – anything we want are balanced by the right to not.





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