The Sum of our Years

Today is my brother Lee’s birthday.  I wish him the very happiest day and that the year to come brings joy, prosperity, love, and growth.


We’re separated by

two time zones;

more than 2500 miles;

36 hours by car, mostly on the I-80;

5 1/2 hours via Air Canada;

30 degrees of temperature and precipitation types with rain here, a chance of snow there;

many, many months since we saw each other in Los Angeles;

several years since I visited Toronto and

a host of other factors involving time and space.

However, when you set aside small ideas like time and space, we’ve never been apart.  From the day this world welcomed me he has been there for me through all of it.

Fate and good fortune brought us together for challenges and for support for as many years as we can call a lifetime or many lifetimes.

A sibling is forever.  Treasure yours to the very best of your ability.

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